Epic Smoked Chicken Wings

Epic Smoked Chicken Wings

Quality dry chicken rub (such as Moonshine BBQ Chicken Rub)
Honey (for an out-of-this-world spin, try Blend Smoked Honey)
Smoking wood (either apple or cherry)
10-12 chicken wings

  • First step is Give chicken wings a generous coating of chicken rub, and set aside for a half hour
  • And then, Arrange your BBQ heat beads or charcoal in the centre of your kettle, get a number of coals going in your chimney starter and then add on top of the unlit fuel. You want to get your temperature up to either 225-250F for a long cook, or up to 350 for a fast cook.
  • And then, visit for full instruction : https://www.moonshinebbq.com.au/epic-smoked-chicken-wings/

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