Falafel And Hummus Box Meal Prep

Falafel And Hummus Box Meal Prep

1/2 recipe Super Fresh Salad $3.65
8 Homemade Falafel $1.72
2 whole wheat pita (1/2 pita per box) $0.86
1 batch Homemade Hummus $2.24

  • First step is I added everything into one box for the photos, but IRL I’d wrap the pita separately in a small sandwich bag, or at least lay a piece of parchment over the rest of the contents and place the pita on top to separate it from the wet stuff.
  • And then, I’m a “a little bit of everything on one forkful” type of person, so it doesn’t bother me to have all these items crammed into one box. If touching food bothers you, consider investing in divided meal prep containers, like these. There are also divided meal prep containers made out of glass, like these.
  • And then, visit for full instruction : https://www.budgetbytes.com/sunday-meal-prep-falafel-hummus-box/

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