Sausage, Potato & Broccoli Sheet Pan Supper

Sausage, Potato & Broccoli Sheet Pan Supper

6-8 medium-sized red potatoes cut into 1-2 inch cubes
1/2 cup olive oil or avocado oil
1/4 cup coconut aminos
1 head broccoli (or 12 oz package) chopped into florets
1 package of 4 Aidell's Chicken & Apple Sausage, cut into 1/2 inch thick pieces or chicken/pork sausage of choice

  • First step is Preheat oven to 425. Line a large sheet pan with parchment paper. Add diced potatoes to a medium sized bowl. Add chopped sausage and broccoli to a separate bowl.
  • And then, Whisk remaining ingredients together to create the marinade/sauce. Pour half over the potatoes, and half over the sausage/broccoli. Mix well using your hands so all pieces are covered. I like to massage the oil into the broccoli - it creates the BEST flavor and crispiness!
  • And then, visit for full instruction :

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